To Revolutionize Early Learning

Every day, our team works on increasing early learning opportunities for  under-resourced children. We continuously come back to the  idea that it takes a village to create change. Together we can gather the resources and funds  we need to continue to deliver our sometimes out-of-the-box programs and  inspire creativity to create more solutions. Here is how you can Launch A Campaign to help Literacy Lab revolutionize early learning:

Interested In Launching A Campaign? Contact Our Team And Get Started.

Host An Innovation Lab

Literacy Lab believes in creating ideas rooted in collaboration. Host a small gathering of 10-20 people.. Our Literacy Innovation Labs create the platform to gather around a problem, propose hands-on activities and solutions, network, and enjoy conversations with early learning enthusiasts.


Pledge Your Birthday

CELEBRATE YOUR BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Receive gifts in the form of donations to Literacy Lab. It’s simple. Literacy Lab will provide you the tools to pledge your birthday and you direct your friends to celebrate you by giving the gift of giving.

Write Notes To Your Friends During Our Summer Appeal

A personalized touch makes a world of difference! If you believe that early learning matters, it’s likely that you know others who will care to contribute. We’ll provide you with the letter, or email, and you can add your personalized touch!

Write Notes To Your Friends During Our Annual Appeal

Have everything you could ask for? Think about pledging your holiday gift to Literacy Lab! We’ll create the ask, you write the notes. Pledging your holiday gifts may help a change a child’s life… forever.

Introduce Us To Other Supporters

Great minds think alike! A recommendation makes a world of difference. If you believe in our work and know others who feel the same, please provide us with an introduction. Literacy Lab is fueled by the incredible generosity of our supporters.

Keep The Ideas Coming

Do you have a great idea about how we can develop our programs, get connected with communities or scale our programs? Let us know. Great ideas are all around us!. Literacy Lab’s team will work with you to see if we can make your idea happen!