kidappolis addresses the school community’s needs with targeted support for:

Early childhood learning (Preschool through First Grade)
English learner development through the best apps
Parent and extended family engagement
Personalized feedback through multilingual text messages and push notifications

kidappolis Family

Parents choose from curated, high quality learning apps with their child in mind
Kids engage in a fun, mobile learning environment
Parents are sent personalized data in their home language via text
Parents use the data to to drive learning goals

kidappolis Classroom

A customized version of kidappolis is loaded onto devices (the school’s or ones provided by LitLab)
Kids gain access to age-appropriate and standards-aligned learning apps
Kids use a single sign-on to access their learning apps and have their usage tracked on multiple devices

Teachers access data to individualize teaching and drive learning goals

How It Works


1. Personalized

Receive personalized recommendations based on the child’s profile.


2. Gathers Data from Multiple Apps

Choose high quality learning apps and track the child’s activity. 


3. Learning-focused

Use the data to further engage with the child’s education and drive learning goals.


4. Language Enabled

Receive feedback messages in the family’s home language.

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