Literacy Lab’s Digital4Literacy program combines a tablet + eBooks + learning apps to transform how a child experiencing poverty develops learning pathways for school readiness and success. Literacy Lab’s Digital4Literacy program changes access by providing exponentially more high-quality eBooks to read in multiple languages using a digital translation audio function, changes action by offering interactive blended learning solutions that engage parents and caregivers, ultimately changing lives of under-resourced children.

Take Home Books

Take Home Books is a family reading program that has been provided to over 2,000 classrooms throughout the Bay Area since 2001. THB fosters a shared culture of literacy in families and schools by providing a year-long program that offers a series of 30 book sets, sent home weekly in canvas book bags and accompanied with a drawing-writing journal folio, a booklet of prompts and activities that serve as reading comprehension extenders and ready-to-use supports for parents and caregivers to connect the text to the child’s world and make the reading experience more meaningful.


Literacy Labs makes replenishments available for purchase to educators who want to use components of our program but do not work in Title I schools; or educators who need to replenish journals, but do not qualify under Literacy Lab criteria. You can also access our donate link to fund support our qualifying classrooms.