Have You Ever Wondered
What Happens After We Place Our Programs?

At Literacy Lab, that’s something we think about often. Our programs become part of a child’s everyday routine in the classroom and at home. That means that wear and tear is inevitable. Every classroom that receives Literacy Lab tools, such as Digital4Literacy tablets, Take Home Books, First Teacher’s programs, needs maintenance to maintain quality and to deliver information to children and their families year after year. Once a Bookcase Library is delivered, replenishments are needed to ensure that the library is stocked. Digital4Literacy tablets sometimes need repairs or technical support for classrooms. Take Home Books need new bags or replacement for tarnished or lost books. And of course, every year, we want to train our new parents and caregivers and educators on how to engage with their children and our early learning tools.

That is where you come in.

Your Donation…

Your support will help us maintain the quality of our early learning tools so that every child experiences our programming equally. According to An Ounce of Prevention, at-risk children who don’t receive a high-quality early childhood education are 25% more likely to drop out of school; 40% more likely to become a teen parent; 50% more likely to be placed in special education; 60% more likely to never attend college. Literacy Lab believes in an integrated approach that provides the tools to serve children year over year. Your donation allows us to make appropriate updates as new research becomes available to support enhancements. It’s simple, click our PayPal link, enter your amount, and check “Make This Recurring (Monthly)”. Partner with us to provide:

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