LitLab provides direct service programs to young children and their families by leveraging three critical components early learners need when building a strong learning foundation:

  1. Access to high quality interactive literacy resources
  2. Empowering relationships between children, family and educators
  3. Technologies that personalize learning and propel a child into reading success and a lifelong love of learning.

LitLab was founded in October 2014 by Mialisa T. Bonta, former Executive Director of Bring Me A Book. We are an independent 501(c)(3)tax-exempt organization.


In the United States, less than 30% of children under the age of four are enrolled in high quality preschool programs. This means that most children are not able to access the early learning resources they need to thrive as they enter into kindergarten, to set them on the course for meeting critical skill benchmarks in elementary school and beyond. Their future success is being determined before they are able to make their own decisions.

But we can change that.

Technological  innovation in digital content has created a platform for greater access to learning opportunities. We seek to change the learning trajectory for under-resourced children and children experiencing poverty.


LitLab’s integrated suite of programs encourages parent and caregiver engagement as their child’s first teacher. LitLab seeks to: 

  1. Change access by providing parents books and learning tools in the home to help increase the learning opportunities their children have
  2. Change action by introducing blended learning interventions, (79% of LitLab’s parents are already using mobile devices to help teach reading and math skills, and that 81% of the teachers we surveyed believe that “tablets can enrich classroom education”).
  3. Change lives—by empowering families and fundamentally shifting the early literacy and developmental opportunities available to vulnerable children.



Since LitLab’s founding, our team has delivered 194 new programs, serving 5,909 families and children. From October 1 2014 – May 30, 2015 LitLab has placed 20 new Bookcase Library programs, 35 new Take Home Books programs, delivered 35 new Educator Workshops, 99 new Parent Workshops, and provided 4,500 books to 1,500 Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten children in Richmond. Through our LitTab program, LitLab staff served 191 children in five sites who read 3,981,978 words and 14,308 eBooks, and we delivered 18 parent trainings. LitLab also continues to foster all existing Take Home Books and Bookcase Library sites in Northern California that were delivered by Bring Me A Book.

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