LitLab seeks to offer game-changing solutions in early learning. Our approach is based on prototyping and designing solutions with the potential to scale. Our team and partners share and relate to the experiences of  underserved families. We creatively develop solutions, and analyze programs to find fitting tools that enhance early development.

The barriers in early learning that resonate with us most are those affecting children experiencing poverty. Study after study demonstrates that the achievement gap for underserved children occurs during their first five years of their life. This means, before they have the opportunity to understand or even decide their future, their pathway to success is partially or fully paved for them.

LitLab believes in providing a suite of programs to address every aspect of a child’s learning and development. We engage parents and caregivers as a child’s first teacher; we mobilize early learning advocates; we empower teachers with training; and we provide blended learning interventions customized through pre-survey data for each child. We connect otherwise siloed communities of parents and caregivers, teachers, and early learning champions. Through combined resources and integrated, yet customized programs, we are revolutionizing early learning. We’re breaking down the walls, addressing the barriers, finding ways to work around challenges in early learning because we believe a child’s future depends on it.

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