Connected Early Learning – Tips to Reduce Summer Learning Loss

July 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

Over the summer under-resourced children can experience at least three months of learning loss. Here are some tips of how parents and caregivers can help reduce this learning loss by reading aloud and leveraging technology to help engage Digital Natives:

  1. Get comfortable with your child on your lap or next to you;
  2. Let your child choose the book; take turns with siblings;
  3. Re-read favorite books;
  4. Let your child hold the book and turn the pages;
  5. Play with sounds of words; be silly and have fun;
  6. Talk together about what you see in the book;
  7. Connect what happens in the book to your own life;
  8. Ask questions that begin with who, what, and where;
  9. Read books related to your child’s interest;
  10. Read anywhere at any time of the day.
  11. Find the book’s author on Twitter or Facebook and ask a question, propose a different ending, or provide an opinion your child might have about the book;
  12. Create your own customized sequel to the book you just read at My Storybook;
  13. Use a web or mobile-cam to record reading to your child, or your child reading to you, and watch the video together.

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